In The Wake of the God's Truce

A Year and Going

Instead of starting from the beginning and giving myself a massive throbing headache I’m going to plunge in and explain the last game. This being the year and 3/4 mark since we started playing in 2008 it takes no less than an hour to cover the setting alone when explaining it to outsiders this is going to be abreviated and possibly nonsensical.

The players having foiled an assassination attempt on the “King” of a large Dwarven warlike technologically advanced nation ( not unlike Germany) named Falriech at the behest of the spymaster (secretly just a front man for the real spies) and were having some downtime in her (The King is female, she inherited on a technicality) interdimentional panic-room. The interigated the Wizard assassin whom they dragged in with them. The Assassin pointed the finger at the Archmage as being an accomplice. Outside more mischief was underway as the page’s wing was in the process of burning to the ground killing a large number of youngsters and making the King really pissed at the culprit. The Spymaster revealed that he isn’t even in the top tier of intelligence agents in the realm and introduced the party to “Sabine” one of the more qualified spooks in her majesty’s arsenal.

The party was given some information undistilled from the agent who told them that one of the substances that is infused with SNE (Spirita-necro-etherium – A gnome named compound. A captured magically independant bit of the divine essence of death and sort of a goo-be-gone that unsticks the soul and body naturally however has been warped due to the magical process required for it’s capture so that it just eats away at soul and body at slightly differing rates until nothing is left.) is salt. The party learned that once they get out they are to rewarded (aside from a staggering load of cash)by being invested into her majesty’s personal house. The honor of which makes it exceedingly dangerous to be snubbed by any noble house in the realm but means very little in the way of actual rank.

The party’s next move is to board an Iron Horse (train) to the city of Weiss Kruz where they will switch to a river-craft and make their way to the Unified States of Jalaan.


I’m in the game!

A Year and Going
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